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A captivating storyteller, Allison shares her powerful testimony of walking away from God after 20 years of fertility struggles. Your audience will see their story somewhere along the way Allison's captivating journey from faith to fear to freedom in Christ. They will learn how to cling to faith and live in joy as the child of an amazingly good God.

Dynamic Speaker.

A Yankee girl with a big Southern smile.

A song of worship saved her life. At the age of 12, Allison Daniels was invited to sing at a local youth ministry event. She had suffered silently for years as a result of abuse, but that night as she sang “Because He Lives” a shift happened. A girl who wanted to end her life, yet was still searching for peace, went to the altar and found a friend named Jesus. Her life was never the same.


Today, Allison is a wife to Sean, a business owner, a Bible teacher, and worship leader. She owns Admin Kulture, a creative agency supporting faith-based entrepreneurs online.   

Allison's desire is to be a lighthouse whose voice shifts the atmosphere and shines God’s light in dark places. She founded Thunder In The City, a worship experience focused on bringing racial reconciliation to the church. Next year, she will be launching her new podcast, God Speaks First. For speaking requests, please contact her at

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